Behind Ecohood’s success lies a diverse array of sponsors, ranging from organizations to individuals, all united by a common vision.

Ecohood, alongside our sponsorship partners, reject the notion that the exorbitant expense of traditional housing methods is the only path forward. We understand the price of doing nothing is simply too high a cost to bear.

Our sponsors embody a spirit of commitment that goes beyond financial support. They host dinner parties, spearhead crowdfunding campaigns, contribute time and expertise, and even knit blankets—all essential threads woven into the fabric of Ecohood’s progress. Their diverse efforts collectively propel the project forward, showcasing that real change is a collaborative endeavor.

In the pages of Ecohood’s journey, sponsors have played pivotal roles, each contributing in their unique way. The knitting needles, the dinner tables, the crowdfunding platforms—all symbols of a community committed to making a difference. In the relentless pursuit of an inclusive future, Ecohood stands as a testament to the power of collective action. It’s not just a housing project; it’s a movement fueled by the belief that together, we can reshape the narrative of housing in Los Angeles.

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