Public Spaces

In addition to serving the residents, EcoHood’s common areas will be open to anyone in the neighborhood for celebrations, urban gardening and space for a farmers market.

In a city dominated by architectural trends, Ecohood emerges as a refreshing departure from insular developments. Tackling the issue of exclusivity head-on, Ecohoods redefine community living, ensuring that progress doesn’t bypass the neighbors next door—an ethos woven into the very fabric of Ecohood.

Ecohood’s architectural narrative centers around a compelling vision: the revival of forgotten communities. Going beyond structures, Ecohood prioritizes fostering opportunities that unite individuals. Inspired by Oscar Niemeyer, our architects champion a world where inclusivity in architecture transcends the boundaries of privilege.

Ecohood introduces a vibrant public space—an energetic marketplace featuring fresh produce and diverse vendor offerings. Complementing this is a community garden, a gathering place where neighbors sow seeds in both soil and consciousness, cultivating new stories and ideas.

Step into Ecohood’s enchanting outdoor theater—an exquisite space adorned with captivating decking, thoughtfully arranged seating, and a grand screen. It’s more than a venue; it’s a hub for community events, programming, and private affairs, from weddings to birthdays and retreats—an inclusive canvas for crafting memories.

In the words of Enrique Penalosa, Ecohood acknowledges that public space goes beyond utilitarian concerns. It’s a canvas for living, business, affectionate moments, and joyful play. Its value transcends economics—it’s a call to be felt with the soul. Ecohood represents a paradigm shift, where architecture becomes a conduit for transformative communal experiences, ensuring no one is left behind in the communal tapestry. Welcome to a new era in community living with Ecohood.

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