Our Mission

LA CAN maintains that Housing is a Human Right and has engaged in preserving and improving extremely low-income housing since our inception. EcoHood is the newest extension of LA CAN’s critical housing work.

The EcoHood development adds a new dimension to L.A.’s homelessness toolkit. It leverages the low cost and timeliness of prefabricated housing with the vast inventory of city and county owned land, at a time when six unhoused Angelenos are dying every day.

If there isn’t enough housing or shelter for the people who live in the city, they have no choice but to sleep on sidewalks and in parks and use tents and makeshift dwellings for warmth. To mask the problem, authorities’ fallback response is displacement — encampment sweeps and criminalization, policies that have never helped people exit homelessness.

Rather than punishing unhoused people, city leaders could focus on converting temporary housing projects such as A Bridge Home shelters and Tiny Homes villages into EcoHood developments. House keys, not handcuffs, is a more humane and effective strategy for treating houseless Angelenos.

save lives. save the earth.