Sustainable houses for the homeless of Skid Row

In Los Angeles, the EcoHood housing project uses prefabricated buildings and new technologies to house people of one of the most problematic neighborhoods on the planet.

Skid Row is a “city within a city” that has been home to one of the largest agglomerations of homeless people in the United States for over a century and where thousands of people on the margins of society sleep on cardboard or in temporary tents along the streets.

Here, the non-profit association Los Angeles Action Network (LACAN), committed to the social, economic and environmental regeneration of the neighbourhood, aims through the EcoHood project to build more affordable housing – also in relation to the cost of housing under current public housing support programmes – that is quicker to build and with high energy performance to meet the pressing demand for housing that has increased since the pandemic and to reduce the ecological footprint.

The technologies range from prefabrication to 3D printing and the use of shipping containers that allow low construction costs, reduction of waste and toxic emissions, control of the production process and speed of assembly.

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