New Affordable Housing Projects Prove We Can Tackle Homelessness Crisis

In what could signal a paradigm shift in how Los Angeles addresses the homeless crisis, two separate experiments that aim to build housing quicker and cheaper have sprung up in South Central LA and on Vignes Street downtown.

Both the EcoHood and Vignes Street developments benefited from cutting-edge modular construction techniques and unique circumstances that allowed for cutting costs and a more expedient construction timeframe. The bulk of the Vignes Street funding came from the Federal CARES Act emergency pandemic relief program, which meant that the project received advantageous speed and cost considerations as well as exemptions from environmental and competitor bidding review. It also received the support of the county’s efficiency-oriented Public Works Department. Vignes Street rose on a 4-acre county-owned parcel and EcoHood broke ground on a privately-donated lot, giving the projects a huge leg-up considering LA’s sky-high land costs.

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